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Oklahoma Call for Reproductive Justice

When the OCRJ approached us, they were named, "The Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice." They knew this was a mouthful, but they didn't know the extent to which this was alienating people. We conducted a study (across many demographics and regions) over the effectiveness of a their name. We determined that it had to change, but this was a challenge because they had developed equity with the acronym, "OCRJ." Additionally, they didn't want to give up their domain name ocrj.org. We evaluated names that maintain the acronym and the web address, but more accurately reflect who they are. Our biggest concern was that they were not a coalition at all, but rather a grassroots group organizers and individuals. After six months of studies, workshops, tears, and more, we finally landed on the name The Oklahoma Call for Reproductive Justice. This was a huge win for them; it has really helped them to strengthen how they communicate to Oklahomans.

We designed a speech bubble device to contain the mark. This reflects the "Call" in their new name, symbolizing that they don't just oppose bad bills, they call for better things and support good bills. We created a colour system for them that uses three variants of three colours (9 colours total). We selected Korolev and Korolev Military Stencil for the brand fonts, inspired by hand-made vintage activist signs like those seen during the Vietnam war. Because of the nature of their brand fonts, we were able to make actual stencils for them to use when they make their own signs. This translates into a lot of money saved for their organization, and a fun way to get people involved in protests. 


Creative Director: Katrina Ward

Strategy Director: Nate Ward

Designers: Nate Ward, Katrina Ward