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Disconnected is a personal conceptual project. One thing i've noticed is that a lot of my peers spend a huge amount of their time on the internet. I started thinking about what would it would feel like to be suddenly disconnected from information, online community, and presence/influence and I imagined making a docu-series about this concept. Like a true over-caffeinated designer, I restlessly branded this fictional series. It was really fun to work on a project without a client, without real-life constraints, and with freedom to do something "ugly."

With the exception of the iconic Windows XP hill image, I corrupted all of the images myself by erasing them from an SD card and running them through recovery software until they glitched. By deleting and restoring the images, I simulated this concept of disconnection and reconnection from the internet. Information that was instantly accessible, and suddenly lost.

For the online campaign, I thought it would be fun to explore what would happen if the user actually became disconnected. For this, I put all of the necessary information in the title of an unloaded image thumbnail. This makes the user reload the page, examine the image, and try to problem solve for what's going on. Ads are annoying, and many users scroll right past them, but our addiction to the internet has become to severe that people legitimately feel a certain level of anxiety when they're not receiving content that is supposed to be there: even if it's content they don't want. 


Creative Director: Nate Ward

Designer: Nate Ward