Pretty Nate

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Pretty is an Oklahoma City based makeup company. They specialize in vintage makeup, and their goal is to make high-end makeup artistry available to all women in Oklahoma. They want to help people feel pretty and happy.

The interesting challenge was effectively communicating vintage beauty in a way that didn't feel kitsch or dated. I ultimately landed on a custom wordmark paired with an eyelash, called the "wink." The idea was to create a sort-of personality and confidence that was direct, but not aggressive. This is expanded throughout the brand; for example, their email is wink@pretty.co. For the colours, we decided on a palette based on 1950s beauty ideals. The red represents bright red lipstick, the blonde represents bleached hair, the blue represents blue eyes, and the dark grey represents mascara. This — paired with the patterns — strikes the perfect balance of vintage and contemporary.


Creative Director: Nate Ward

Strategy Director: Nate Ward

Designer: Nate Ward