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Together OK

Together OK is a nonpartisan coalition of citizens working together to secure a robust future for our state. We are a grassroots education and advocacy group connecting Oklahoma values to state budget priorities. Together OK is primarily staffed and funded by Oklahoma Policy Institute, a non-profit Oklahoma think tank.

They needed a mark that was simple enough that it would look professional for a more traditional audiences, such as a letter-writing campaign. At the same time, they needed something charged enough and active enough to work more energized places, such as political protests. This lead to the final mark.

The mark is composed of two arrows that each create half of the state of Oklahoma. The arrows point to each other, representing the democrats and the republicans coming together in the middle for the benefit of Oklahoma, it's a pure reflection of their name: Together OK. The mark can be split around a specific policy in scenarios where they are campaigning around a specific issue. This can be blue for democratic bills, red for republican bills, purple for bipartisan bills, green for tax issues, and yellow for other issues. The color system helps Together OK to stand out from other non-profits and clearly communicate their messaging.


Creative Director: Katrina Ward

Strategy Director: Nate Ward

Designers: Nate Ward, Katrina Ward