We work on things that we believe in.


No. 1

We believe design is for everyone.

We will only agree to work with you if we believe in what you are doing and think we are a good fit for you. If you meet those requirements, we will do anything we can to help you. We will quote a recommended price for your project, and you can request a modification if it's necessary. Maybe your organization doesn't have the budget for an identity system, but desperately needs it. We want to help you overcome that obstacle. That being said: if our quote comes in under budget, we ask that you consider paying a bit more so that we can continue to offer this to small businesses and organizations in need.


No. 2

We believe in balance.

We call ourselves Half because we believe that it is better to balance than burn out. We spend a portion of our time working on personal-growth projects to balance out our professional work. We believe in giving a portion of our labor to nonprofits in need. We take time for personal projects and weird experiments; it keeps us fresh.


No. 3

Design isn't art.

Design is a way of seeing the world. It's about making things better, especially when they deserve it. Design is communication at its most elevated state. Design frequently makes use of art, because art is such an effective avenue for communication, but design is not art.


No. 4

We love research.

9/10 of the time we spend on your project will likely be in phase one. We like to get to know you, your company, and your mission thoroughly before we jump into anything. It makes the design process go faster when we get there, and you end up with a solution that is thoroughly informed by you. We believe that research breeds results.


No. 5

Let's have fun!

Who doesn't like fun? We are diligent, hard-working creatives who understand that having fun doesn't stifle productivity, it stimulates it. The occasional dance party goes a long way.


No. 6

Make yourself at home

Call us and chat. Pop by some time for a coffee. If you want to talk about design, cool. If you don't, great. We believe that all conversation is productive. After all, we are in the business of communication.


No. 7

Solutions should be precise.

If every problem could be solved the same way, we wouldn't need designers in the world. Each company, person, and product has different audiences, limitations, and unique challenges that require skilled & subtle solution. Luckily, we love subtlety.


No. 8

Process rocks!

We believe in hands-on, experimental, rough draft ideation. We like thinking through options with you. We explain our rationale at every step. Getting it right the first time around often requires getting it wrong behind closed doors. We learn from mistakes.


No. 9

Value isn't based on labor.

If it takes us 100 hours to solve your problem, why should you be punished for that? If we solve it quickly why should that equal a less valuable solution? We will always be upfront about the cost and value of our services, because you shouldn't have to worry.







This is where we learn everything there is to know about you. We want to understand how you think, what matters to you, who your customer is. If you don't know, we'll help you figure it out! All of this informs the design process.



In this phase, we plan with you. We present you initial concepts and talk about what's working and what's not. Sometimes it's five concepts, sometimes it's one. It totally depends on the project. We will present any solution that we think would serve you well.



Once we have a strategy locked down, we move into full-on production mode. This is where we are rapidly making things for you to approve. We blaze through the list until there's nothing left to make, which is easy because the strategy is already in place!



This is where we turn your project over to you. For identity projects, we will turn over a set of guidelines that help you stay on-brand. We want you to get the most out of your investment. We like to followup a few months later to make sure everything's working!